Dawn Chorus

Dawn Chorus

Today is International Dawn Chorus Day, and I hope you find time to celebrate it in one way or another.

Furillen closed this morning, and I am closing the inworld group.

I am not leaving SL – I will continue to be interested in what creative things people do there, and will continue supporting their activities as much as I can.

As for my own creative ventures, besides making pictures, I may continue hosting some music events over the next months, and will return in October with a new sim, which I have been planning for the past six months.

This blog will change name, but I will continue posting on music, things around the grid, and whatever else I find amusing. I am sure that few of you will read it, but it has always been like a diary to me, and I see no reason to change that.

So – happy International Dawn Chorus Day to all. Now listen to this, I imagine it will be on Radiohead’s LP9 quite soon …

One Reply to “Dawn Chorus”

  1. will really miss the sim , Serene, but understand the need to change, grow, and create ! Thanks for giving so many of us a place to enjoy. I look forward to your next adventure.. whatever that may be !

    -daze ❤


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