Important Announcement

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks doing some thinking and have reached the decision that Furillen has gone as far as I want to take it. I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing this space with so many interesting people, and will remember the events held at the sim for a long time. There is no reason behind this decision other than the simple fact that I’d like to spend time doing other things. Many thanks to all of you who have visited the sim and contributed to its upkeep in direct and not so direct ways. Thanks also to readers of this blog. All in all, it has been great fun …

… but now you know why I built that EXIT door …

exit 01_001

So that’s it. Let me finish with the song that, for me, defined what Furillen meant to many of us …

Goodbye !!

4 Replies to “Important Announcement”

  1. I know I spoke to you in im last night and thank you for the past few months, Furillen will never be forgotten nor the presence of the janitor the person behind the scene who kept the sims alive, through music, creativity but most of all a safe place for people who wanted to come and mingle with like minded people.

    I can’t speak for everyone but I can speak for myself but I truly want to thank you for Furillen it became a second home to me. it helped me to grow as an artist and person, I learnt many things through my art but also as a person. It’s been a growing period within my life. I came knowing hardly anyone but the friends I have made I might not be close too but they have always given me a hello etc and even the Mushroom man Mickey who tormented me, re my beetle pose and octopus hair these things are the memories I will always have. I do hope our paths will cross again take care my ‘Furillen family’ and if our paths cross please remember to say a ‘hello’. Thank Serene and I really respect the time you have given us all.

    hugs pup (the anti-social puppy at times)

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  2. I wish you the best Serene. Just a bit sad I couldn’t visit one last time before you closed.
    Furilen will be alive in all of our hearts and well, you already know how I felt about the sim….Thanks for all you did for us!.

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