Portishead covering Abba (removed)

Yes. Portishead.

Covering Abba’s “SOS”.

It’s a big shame that the track is being taken down from the Web, including now from this site.

I’ll leave the comments up as a memento.

13 Replies to “Portishead covering Abba (removed)”

  1. Not convinced, I’m afraid. The lyrics are clearly gloomy enough for Portishead, but melodically it’s in limbo between its origin in (contrasting) up-tempo pop and chill/gloom-hop. But thanks for the share 🙂


  2. I hate Abba (I know I am not the majority!) but, thanks to Portishead, I can say now that I do like one of their songs (as long as it’s this version). The glorious Bristol sound has done it again, bringing warmth and depth to shallowness. Thanks, Portishead! 🙂

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