Furillen round-up

I’ve been hugely busy in first life recently and unable to say much on this blog – no doubt you are all thankful for this! With another complicated week ahead, I’ll be brief with this round-up of Furillen news.

First: the beach party came and went, with a great set-up put together by Micky and yours truly trying out Virtual DJ for the first time. It was a surreal event, with Scandinavian palm trees and cats in rubber duck swimming rings …

Kitty goes beach ;)

Second: we nominated three winners of Round 5 of the Furillen Photography Competition. You can see their pictures upstairs in the gallery of Bar Cafe Fabriken. Congratulations to them!


Third: mark down 2100 CEST this Friday, 29 April, in your diaries as our first regular blues night at Fabriken. This ad says it all …

furillen gets the blues

Finally: mark down 2100 CEST  this Saturday, 30 April, in your diaries as the moment we’ll be turning Furillen purple in honour of Prince …


I’ll be providing the playlist and taking requests before and during the event for your favourite Prince tunes. In addition, a slideshow of pictures spanning the career of this incredible musician will be installed on the sim – along with one or two bits and pieces of Princely stuff.

prince gif

In anticipation, I’ll leave you with this little acoustic gem …

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