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Here goes with quick round-up of news from Furillen …

First: As you’ll know from previous posts here and here, Bar Cafe Fabriken is up and running and held its first event, a Blues night with DJ Wolf Austrone, last weekend. I’m very pleased to announce that from 29 April, Wolf will be playing a weekly set for us: every Friday, 2100 CEST.

furillen gets the blues

It’s in keeping for the bar at Furillen to be holding such a regular event, and we are incredibly lucky to have such a good in-house DJ playing music that suits the ambience. As those who heard his set on Saturday will know, Wolf specialises in playing requests, so it’s a good time to brush up your Blues knowledge and throw him some suggestions when the time comes.

Second: We won’t – of course – just be playing Blues at Bar Cafe Fabriken (although this does make a change from the forced diet of House music I feel that I’ve been given over the years on the grid). On 23 April, we’re planning to hold a beach party at the bar, and will be putting a suitable playlist together – which will not only be ‘retro’ – for the occasion. We’ll be giving out more details of this event during the next few days.


Third: Looking further ahead, there will be some larger events at the sim – spectaculars, along the lines of the Bowie and Radiohead weekends. The two ideas I am focusing most on right now are a Bond weekend, and a Pink Floyd weekend. These events take up a lot of energy and planning, but watch out for announcements in the next week or so. To put you in the mood, get some of this …

… and this …

Fourth: The Furillen photography competition goes into Round 5. The last round did not have a big entry, but the quality of the albums entered was very high indeed, as you’ll see this week on this blog, where two have already been posted – here and here. Each round has a different focus and feel. Details of Round 5 are here – I hope to see more entries this time, but we’ll welcome whatever comes in.

round 5 bb

Fifth: New buildings are in the pipeline, courtesy of our builder, KT Syakumi, who made Furillen’s pier. Incidentally, KT has acquired a spectacular new PC, on which she is beginning to show off her skills as a photographer. Keep an eye on her flickr stream – and look out for the exhibition of her first life photography that we’ll be holding at Furillen in the next couple of months.

Sixth: On that very note, we are about to launch a new series of exhibitions of photography and art with a first life connection. These will consist of ‘real life’ photographs taken by Furillen regulars; pictures that explore the relationship between the two worlds; or art – painting, for example – from first life. This is an open-ended series, if you’d like to take part and believe you have something to offer please do get in touch. Given Furillen’s real life connections – after all, they tried to close us down because of them, haha – I think the sim is a good place to explore this theme.

Seventh: Laura has put together a new room to replace her fantastic yellow room, which attracted some great pictures. I’ll be posting some pictures of the room in due course, but check it out and take some yourselves …

And that’s it …

Well, almost … before I go, here is a clip from last night’s Muse set in London. It was a spectacular show, although Muse are somewhat ‘corporate rock’ these days. Their drones really do fly, and I’ll be popping back to the venue tonight to see if I can figure out how they work. Footage will follow!

As usual, they closed with Knights of Cydonia. I didn’t take this video, I was standing in GA, second row. Not being crushed this time – Musers are way too polite to mosh …


11 Replies to “Furillen news”

  1. I left Wolf when he was playing to an audience of two, and I think he was onto his fifth ‘last record’. What a trooper, and clearly such a passion and knowledge for what he plays.

    I really can’t imagine moshing to Muse; you might drop your joint, or spill your bedtime cocoa. And I’ve never forgiven them for what they did to ‘Feeling Good’.

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    1. Yes, Wolf is indeed a trooper – as are you it seems! As for Muse, they are getting heavy again these days, and the crowd during their set at last year’s Download were pretty active. But like most long-running bands, the fanbase is really varied, a mix of those (like me) who like their earlier stuff much more, and the younger teens who don’t go back far past Drones and think Psycho is pretty hardcore. No joints in evidence – the new ‘thing’ at gigs I’m noticing during the past few months are e-cigs (London’s O2 even has its own ‘official’ e-cig provider). They are ok though – they usually smell alright and like dry ice, help with lighting. Lots of beer, too, last night – which is far less pleasant to be around for a non-drinker like me.


      1. I quite like a pint while waiting, but I’ve never understood why people get plastered at gigs, or arrive already off their faces. That’s before considering the cost, or the dreary quality, of what’s served, which is on top of an already substantial ticket price. I miss the smoke filled atmosphere there used to be in gigs – though not the lingering smell or the health consequences – but for the atmosphere it created.

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      2. Agreed on the getting plastered – also amazed that anyone can even afford to, I think I saw £10.50 a pint at the bar when I went past. On smoke, you’d love e-cigs then – I was standing halfway back at the Slipknot gigs at Ally Pally last November and the “smoke” from e-cigs was everywhere. It looked great.

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  2. *Laughs*, yes Wolf is what I would call a blues-maniac for sure. With his 500.000+ blues songs I always find it challenging to request something he doesn’t have yet. And every now and then I even succeed. I’m really happy he agreed to become a Furillen resident DJ and look forward to his future screwdriver powered sets 😉

    As for further events on Furillen: beach party, Furillen goes Ibiza, yay! So ladies, get those sexy bikinis out, time to dust off winter! I’ll gladly help to apply some sunlotion where needed (yeah I really am that unselfish 😛 ), we wouldn’t want your precious pixels sunburnt 😉

    The idea of bringin SL and RL art together is very appealing. It happened to me quite a few times already that I saw something in RL and the thought of “this could be on Furillen” crossed my mind. WIll be interesting to see what people come up with there.

    Last but not least: throws Serene a beer, cheers mate 😀

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      1. It’s alcoholfree, so you can take a sip 😉 Other than that I agree as well on the getting plastered at gigs or parties in general. As most cannot afford to do it on site in many cases they just get drunk at home before even going out. I remember my nephew and his clique beginning their saturday evenings like that many times when they didn’t have the money to afford the drinks in pubs and clubs, meet at a friend’s place for a cheap predrinking. For me a lil buzz is ok every now and then, but binge drinking, no thanks, I surely prefer to wake up next day and still remember what happened the day before (not to talk about the not so nice side effects).

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  3. About the news, they are very promising:)

    About Muse, I saw them in Bucharest three or four years ago. I was a bit disappointed. They were too heavy and noisy, especially compared to their studio works. The sound wasn’t great. Far from the sound quality of other live concerts I attended – Waters, Clapton, The Cranberries, etc. Their sound engineer might have had more than one pint:)))


    1. sorry to hear that – the sound is very good on the current tour. often it depends on venue, where you end up listening from, etc.

      the best quality sound I heard in the past year was in the Leftfield Roundhouse gig in October; the most interesting was Enter Shikari’s Ally Pally (London) gig, which used ‘surround sound’ (banks of speakers at the back of the space) – this was awesome.


  4. So far the best sound I heard was at the Wall tour, here in Bucharest and in Budapest as well. Waters is a real sound freak:)) It was perfect.
    A very good one was at Sting’s tour with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, back in 2010 or 2011. Very impressive !

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