Reflections on Round 4: Love of Life

This was tough! My head still aches from thinking about it.

We only had six entries – a reflection of how difficult it actually is to put together an album of five pictures (plus one cover) on a theme. All of the judges – Senna, KT, Dooozy and me – greatly admired MM’s album for its incredibly high technical standard. This is superb photography, which uses black and white to very telling effect. As KT expressed it in her notes:

To me this showed a journey from depression through to hope, helped by the use of shadows and black and white treatment.

So huge congratulations to MM, a fine photographer whose work really enhances our appreciation of photography on the grid. She is brilliant, and I hope that her new exhibition at the IMAGO gallery …

MM poster

… is as well supported as it deserves to be.

But …

I said this was tough, and I meant it. As excellent as MM’s album is, there were five other entries that were all potential winners. Each of these albums made the top three of at least one judge, and I honestly believe that any one of the albums could have come on top and there would have been some level of agreement.

It was close – testimony to the fact these are all really fine SL photographers.

I will be showcasing these albums during the week, starting with MM’s later today, then running through the remaining five up to Friday.

And finally – there will be a Round 5. I will make the announcement tomorrow. It will be much simpler than the last two rounds … and as you will see, much quicker.

Fingers on shutters, and a visual clue …

music gif


One Reply to “Reflections on Round 4: Love of Life”

  1. … no words to thank yours, and all support of fellow photographers and juri.
    Yes… all works are admirable, and I could not have reached this point without the inspiration of place/concept Furillen, all the learning every day in Flickr with these great artists, and all the others, and music. I only know that my art comes directly from my heart into the light. Like poems. The rest just happens…
    Thank you so much.

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