blues @ bar cafe fabriken

So, after a long wait while we set up …

Benchwarming - Furillen

… Furillen’s new bar finally opened …

Bar Cafe Fabriken

… and we heard a fantastic Blues set from DJ Wolf Austrone set that went well into the early hours …

madame a le  Blues  @furillen bar fabriken

… and kept the sim full to the brim …

As with every such event at Furillen, this was first about music, and in Wolf Austrone we were fortunate to have a DJ whose knowledge of Blues music is quite astonishing.

DJ Wolf DID the Blues... night @ Furillen

He started with a run of Swedish blues numbers, and took us through a catalogue that I am told exceeds 500,000 songs.

feel it in your bones

Here is one of my favourites from the set, which came at one of those perfect moments when the world seems to stand stock still while all we can do is listen …

We will be inviting Wolf back very soon, and I hope he’ll become a regular fixture at the bar – I can’t praise him highly enough.

applause joker gif

As for the bar … Well, we worked hard on it for the past three weeks – fine-tuning textures and deco, working on the setting within the sim, and trying to build an atmosphere into the place even before it opened. And I think we succeeded, certainly beyond my own expectations. The bar already feels ‘lived in’ to me …

At the Bar and Playin' the Blues

Kurt got the Blues... night @ Furillen

… and of course, it affords some great picture opportunities …

TC still has the Blues... night @ Furillen

One glass wine

Swedish blues

I must – again – thank Micky and Dooozy for putting such energy into this. The bar really does look ‘bluesy’, and feels as if it’s been here for years. And yet it has a distinct Furillen touch with those murals taken from pictures of the real Furillen. Credit for this must go to Micky, who not only came up with a bright idea but got on and realised it. As I said in a recent post, this is genuine collaboration, and it is a great pleasure to experience it.

We’ll be announcing the next event in due course. Meanwhile, courtesy of Wolf once again, try putting some of this into your Sundays …

7 Replies to “blues @ bar cafe fabriken”

  1. A great party indeed! The way you people, the awsome Furillenites, accepted it and made yourselves comfortable instantly is our reward for putting all the effort into it. Well worth it! Thank you Serene and Dooozy, it is a pleasure to collaborate with you guys, we just click and to work with reliable people like you is always great fun!

    Thanks to Wolf, my friend, who really put some thought into his set and never fails to play great tunes as long as he doesn’t run out of screwdrivers 😀

    We do have some thoughts and plans on future events already, but like we said before: your input and suggestions are always welcome!

    I’ll go out and get some fresh air now to get rid of all the drinks that Senna served last night 😉
    Wishing you all a great sunday! 😉

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  2. Hahahaaa Micky! So we have to blame poor Senna? Or did you sit too long on your mushroom Throne?
    Serene, i love the second video here a lot, makes me wanna dance like crazy too!
    I hope we will have this and a lot of fun in future at Bar Fabriken! I love the Furillinites, they are a bunch of awesome people! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I loved every single moment at this wonderful club. The only disadvantage is the limitation to only 20 people. Sometimes we should be able to upgrade for a little while lol. It was a great party. Thank you all 🙂

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