Radiohead – Live on Jools Holland (2001)

This 2001 live studio set is new to me. It’s brilliant.

The live debut of Life in a Glasshouse (at 20.30), and the performances of Exit Music (For a Film) (at 24.44) and Paranoid Android (at 39.24) are just awesome.


BBC Broadcasting House, London, England
June 9th, 2001
Kid A/Amnesiac Tour (Third Leg)

0:01 – The National Anthem
4:25 – Morning Bell
8:46 – Lucky
13:14 – Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box
16:26 – No Surprises
20:30 – Life In A Glasshouse (Live Debut)
24:44 – Exit Music (For A Film)
29:36 – I Might Be Wrong
34:30 – Street Spirit (Fade Out)
39:24 – Paranoid Android
45:44 – Idioteque
49:44 – Knives Out
54:01 – The Bends

Big thanks to mr._player1 for the original YouTube upload.

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