… systo-matic … hydro-matic … ultro-matic …

The Janitor's Vintage Car Collection - Furillen

Well that was fun … !


Furillen’s north-western corner was transformed into a drive-in on Saturday evening for our Grease party. While the events devoted to Bowie, Abba, Radiohead and Disco Funk were planned in advance, this one was literally conjured up out of thin air the evening before …

greased lightning gif

… mainly as payback for an April Fools that had far more of you convinced than I had ever expected.

keep talking gif

The drive-in looks great, indeed it is probably my favourite set so far. Bathed in a windlight setting taken from Jay’s Battlescars 9.0, the old parking lot really captures the spirit of that awesome movie …

Grease @ Furillen 1

Greased Lightning @ Furillen

Grease @ Furillen 03

Grease @ Furillen 2

… as did your brilliant outfits …


Ab Fab(s)

Drive In-Theater - Furillen







The set was put together in just a few hours, with enormous help from Dooozy, who moved stuff around fast, and Blip, who was giving great feedback in between frequent visits to RL.

The sim was full throughout, and I am sorry that some people never managed to get in: the avatar limit on homesteads sucks during events like this.

Next week the new cafe will be situated at this location on the sim. I like the drive-in so much – the cars, especially, are brilliantly detailed and authentic – that I will leave it up for a few days. So do catch it if you can …

grease dance 01_002

grease dance 01_009


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