Furillen forced to close

While yesterday’s flash flood at Furillen did seem rather biblical in scale, I don’t usually go in for omens. But when I looked at my emails last night I could be forgiven for believing that the sim had indeed been visited by something of an apocalyptic nature.

There were two messages marked ‘urgent’: one from Linden Labs, and one from a Swedish legal firm.

Both convey the same underlying message: the sim reproduces a location in the real world that is subject to copyright law; I have not sought permission – etc. etc.

The Linden Labs message is quite reasonable and conciliatory … but, typically, takes a hands-off approach and merely states that the company policy on all such matters is to ensure legal compliance. Which in this case, as the somewhat less conciliatory letter from the Swedish law firm states, means closure by end of business today.

shocked gif

So that’s it. By 1700 today, European time, Furillen will cease to exist in Second Life.

So do make a last visit if you can – it was fun.

I will – alas – not be inworld much during the day, but will log on to switch off the lights at the allotted time. I am thinking about what to do next, although after this bombshell, I feel a bit disillusioned about life on the grid.

13 Replies to “Furillen forced to close”

  1. It’s crazy… There are others RL place 3D… in second life. It’s tribute awesome place Realife in Virtual Life. It’s very good for all and good inspiration.
    I don’t understand this reaction.

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  2. OMFG!!!! This is just totally ridiculous! If lawyers have nothing better to do than hunt down people who don’t do anything but live out their creativity in a virtual world, then you don’t need to wonder that this world is going down the drain! Instead of being happy that they get free publicity they come up with bullshit like that. I was planning to visit the real Furillen, no more!
    On what legal base is this happening? There is virtual Paris, the dome of Cologne and thousands of other Sims and buildings adapted to real life existing places. I cannot believe this really!

    But no Serene, don’t let some Swedish idiot stop you, stop us!

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  3. ok i see it titled April the first. is this an April fools? have you been on the magic mushrooms with Mickey too?

    if its not an April comment below.

    😦 its my hide away place and a place i called home and will still call it home whatever you decided to do with the sims. may i ask a question what about others sims that are called after really life places will Linden Labs go after them next?

    is it the popularity of your sims, the great feel, the music etc etc but there again i do hope this is an April fool? i hope it is rub’s my head. whatever you create next it will be awesome.

    pup hugs


    (hopes it works the above link)

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  4. Micky is right !
    There must be a way to sort this out.
    After all, Furillen is a name. You can change it !
    For the rest – “Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence” !
    Can they prove otherwise ?

    Good luck to you and to all of us!

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