Important Announcement

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks doing some thinking and have reached the decision that Furillen has gone as far as I want to take it. I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing this space with so many interesting people, and will remember the events held at the sim for a long time. There is no reason behind this decision other than the simple fact that I’d like to spend time doing other things. Many thanks to all of you who have visited the sim and contributed to its upkeep in direct and not so direct ways. Thanks also to readers of this blog. All in all, it has been great fun …

… but now you know why I built that EXIT door …

exit 01_001

So that’s it. Let me finish with the song that, for me, defined what Furillen meant to many of us …

Goodbye !!

Thom Yorke – Nose Grows Some


I don’t know how this night will end
If I open up the door
To the back of your simple mind
And then we’ll call the flood
When it all becomes too much
Spread your last legs
In the times you are afraid
When the rolling thunder claps
If I’m blowing myself away
Through the bad times
Two birds on a wall
Your nose just grows
But you’re just another drop
It is metal and it’s cold
We’ll wait up on the rocks
I am waiting on the tide
Through the back doors
If I’m blowing myself away
Under hot fluorescent lights
Two birds on a wall
Your nose just grows
And grows
(One day I’ll grow up tall
I will be with you)

The Weird Sisters: Do The Hippogriff

Here is the full version of a mostly deleted scene from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Why am I posting this?

Look at who is in the band!!

Quite a supergroup …

The scene was subject to a law suit, because a Canadian band called the Wyrd Sisters objected to the name. They lost the case.