8 Replies to “bar cafe fabriken”

  1. you do spoil us all Serene, so looking forward to this 馃檪 have a Happy Easter everyone or what ever you celebrate this time of year such as birthdays, family get-together’s, going on hoildays etc …… what every you do this time of year.

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      1. Thanks! Well I’m really pleased to say that this is a collaborative effort. The bar is being designed and built by Micky Siamendes, while I take care of the decor. We’ll be organising events there together. I’m very happy to have Micky working with me on this – and as you’ll see, he has done a fantastic job. Happy holidays to you too!


      1. omg not micky do you trust him didn’t you know he eats magic mushrooms? you never know how it might turn out! joking apart its great to hear that Micky is working with you. all the best and getting excited re the project your both producing. hugs pup …

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  2. Haha, now here’s the jellyfish crab bug pup commenting 馃槢
    Serene and I are just doing fine in our secret magic mushroom plantation … rehab, ha to say it with Amy: They try to make me go to rehab but I say no no no 馃榾

    Weeeeeee ….

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