yellow room

In yesterday’s post I promised changes to some of the hotel rooms at Furillen – they make great minimalist sets for Furillen’s many visiting photographers.

Rather than arranging every set by myself, from time to time I am going to invite guest decorators to make their own designs. My old friend Laura was first to take up the challenge, and I really like what she came up with.

Besides the stunning splash of colour, Laura’s room is a delightful combination of the domestic …

yellow room a

… the abstract …


… and the whimsical …


So do pay a visit to the sim and see what you can do with this room – or simply spend some time there, it has a wonderful atmosphere.

Talking of which, may I suggest that you put 9 April 2016 down in your diary as an important Furillen date …

chaplin waits gif

… something new is coming to the sim …

excited-baby gif

… something I think might be …

awesome2 gif

Want to know what it is?

tell me gif

Well I would love to.

But I’m way over my gif limit for one day.

Happy Mondays to all!

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