f u r i l l e n f u n k

funky gif


So we had our evening of funk at Furillen. The playlist – put together in consultation with Micky and Vallys – was awesome, with almost five hours’ worth of classics, from Earth, Wind Fire’s September …

… through It’s Raining Men by the Weather Girls …

… and Le Freak by Chic …

… to Carl Douglas’s Kung Fu Fighting …

Besides great tunes, we installed a fabulous dance floor …

Disco Fever

Funk Night down at Furillen


… and there were some terrific outfits …

Shakin' it Down

Disco Inferno @ Furillen

Our resident video artist, Dooozy, was there, not only making sure we had the funniest dances, but recording a movie of the event, which she’ll be working on this week.

excited gif

I love this music, and had great fun putting the playlist together. So if anyone wants a repeat later this Spring…


Meanwhile, our plans include …

  • a series of exhibitions based on the first (real) life photography and painting of some of our favourite Second Life artists;
  • a series of room changes at the hotel, with some guest decorators;
  • music evenings – I suppose we can call them parties – featuring heavy metal, the blues, and more;
  • a music weekend based around Pink Floyd;
  • a new building or two;
  • more weather.

No doubt that last point will provoke some extreme reactions, from …

yippee gif

… to …

anger gif

On that note, I wanted to share something that intrigued and (ever so slightly) disturbed me this week.

listening gif

I was having a ‘debate’ with someone who was being disruptive on the sim, who told me that I should be ‘grateful for his custom’.

come again gif

Yes you heard it right.

‘Sim owners like you should be grateful for my custom’.

That’s what he said. Verbatim.



I don’t know what he’d bought either, and I can tell you for certain that he hadn’t made a donation.


But even if he had, his behaviour was in breach of Furillen’s one and only rule

don't be a diuck gif

Which only leaves me to share the best joke I heard this week. It’s slightly non-PC, so please look away now if you’re squeamish that way.

It was about the dyslexic who walked into a bra …

haha gif

Happy Sunday !

6 Replies to “f u r i l l e n f u n k”

  1. this made me smile so much, more so the end joke, being dyslexic myself, its like someone going into the church and hands someone a note saying I like to speak to dog. even trying to spell the word dyslexic has me confuse why someone would give people who suffer with it such a hard name to be called dyslexic or suffering with dyslexia. I love making finger farts (just encase you don’t get it, I call my mixed up words finger farts).

    How ever I like to say one thing as a caretaker of the sims you pay for we are like customers we come and when we can donate but we never take your kindness for sharing the love of fuillern with us all and as a patron/ server user/ guest/ friends or what ever you see us as, we come into your home and share the kindness and love you share with us all, manners cost us nothing for a safe and loving place we all call home, thank you Senere if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t have this safe haven to come to so we can be ourselves.

    thanks for another great even Senere and for the others who came and made it one hell of a party.

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  2. I read somewhere that windsurfing is popular at (RL) Furillen … I was there (SL Furillen) this afternoon trying it out. Surfing, bonfire, Pearl Jam, Incubus, Deftones … just throwing some thoughts out there.

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  3. I agree with Dooozy, Serene finds the funniest gifs ever 😀
    And yes it was a hell of a party, making some of us feel 20 years younger for sure *LOL*. For all who weren’t there: TOOOOOO BAD, you missed some great fun!

    Beach party??? Pina Coladas, surfin’ and girls in bikinis? Suuuuuuure thing, bring it on!!! 😛

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