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It’s been a busy week in my first life with 3am and 4am starts on most days, so any time I have spent inworld has felt a little bit like this …

falling asleep at desk gif

But my week was brightened by a one or two quiet successes in the rather tricky game of acquiring tickets to the very few Radiohead shows that are happening this spring. So far, I have managed to get myself into one of their gigs in Paris in May, and two of the shows taking place in London that same week.

hooray gif

I will also be catching them at Lollapalooza Berlin ’16 in September, which takes place in the historic Treptower Park


I’m really intrigued by the London shows, because the Roundhouse – where they take place – only holds 1700 people (the Zenith in Paris holds around 6000). Which seems like a suitable moment to share this …

I’m still convinced that Radiohead will be headlining Glastonbury this year. I have a ticket, so would love it to be true.

ecstastic gif

To anyone who doesn’t know about it, the Glastonbury festival is a massive event attended by 250,000 people. We already know that Muse will be headlining this festival on the Friday, with Coldplay on the Sunday. Saturday’s slot has not been announced yet.

Will it be Radiohead??

thom yorke don't worry

Oh but we do worry Thom, we really do.

Tickets for Glastonbury are notoriously difficult to get these days, and they always sell out fast even when nobody knows who will be playing. Last year there was a furore when Kanye West was named as the Saturday headliner, with some bright spark – who didn’t even have a ticket – starting an online petition to have his show cancelled.

I was a bit nonplussed by that – Glastonbury is a huge festival with many stages, so the identity of one headliner on the main stage really isn’t going to spoil your weekend. I was there last year, and managed to catch the stage invasion during Kanye’s set by a comedian, before I stuck to my original plan by walking across to the festival’s Other Stage to watch the awesome Deadmau5 performing this set …

Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking …

what is your point gif

All of this leads me to reiterate the fact that we are holding a rather eclectic series of music events at Furillen. So far we had a Bowie weekend, an Abba night, and a Radiohead weekend. In future we’re thinking seriously about a Pink Floyd weekend and a heavy metal event.

Tomorrow evening, if enough of you want to attend, we’ll be going for something like this …

So if you’re in the mood for some of that – and possibly some of this …

… just let me know and I’ll upload some tunes.


7 Replies to “furillen funk”

  1. About tomorrow evening, why not ? Even if I am not an Earth, Wind & Fire fan ( maybe with some Water I could swallow them though). About James Brown, in spite of my total despise for the abusive husband, I can live with his music, especially when it comes to dance.
    So, go for it !


    1. Hands you a bottle of Merlot instead of water, grabs you and spins you around, singing:

      Get up get up stay on the scene like a sex machine
      wait a minute shake your arm then use your form
      stay on the scene like a sex machine
      you gotta have the feeling sure you’re born
      and get it together right on right on
      get up get up get up …


      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah yeah Serene, make me jealous with all your concert tickets …. but wait, if we get married, I can come along of course, no? 😀

    Sure, bring us the funky stuff … goes to dust off my Travolat suit … I hope you’ll set up one of those eyecancer causing 70s dancefloors 😉


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