radiohead retrospective

The much-anticipated r di he d @ f ri l n event took place at the weekend …

Radiohead Event @ Furillen

The sim was completely full for a long period of time during Saturday afternoon and evening, and there was a constant stream of visitors throughout the event.

Radiohead party in Furillen_006

Who'S'Who ? @ Furillen

I particularly enjoyed hearing the responses of people who arrived on Saturday morning to find that the sim had received a radical makeover …

Sunflowers, Tall Trees and Bubbles

… and again on Sunday, after further changes were made overnight …

furillen flower pot but where is bill and ben the flower pot men

As with our Bowie weekend, the event was mainly about taking a deep dive into the music itself, rather than simply listening to a few big hits. So we had around 20 hours’ worth of music streaming through, including extended versions of all 8 studio albums, some early demo recordings, and plenty of live material, with some bootleg tapes thrown in for good measure.


Well, ok – that was for the geeks and nerds among us …

priest music

Besides the music, the sim was given the Radiohead treatment.

We had fake plastic trees …

Surreal Spring

… a green plastic watering can (for her fake Chinese rubber plant) …

For her fake Chinese rubber plant

… a giant radio …

Radio @ Furillen

and, of course, a huge rainbow …

In Rainbows

Besides all of that, we lightened the mood with a hippie wagon instead of the usual airstream …

Do You Want Some ? @ Furillen

radiohead  @furillen (2)

… fields of daisies …

Too much, Too bright, Too powerful

… and sunflowers in which to dance among butterflies …

V ! flower power

… and hummingbirds …


… making a beautiful scene with the ferris wheel in the background …

Lights, Smells & Colors of a lost Garden  >

1, 2, 3 soleil !

As ever, Furillenites came into their own by taking some really great pictures. What I enjoy most about the design of the sim is that it has some very strong features – the slag heaps, the tree line, the pier, the airstream – that can be played around with in this way.

radiohead  @furillen

We even had a different ground texture on Sunday, just to push the surrealist look a bit further …

Against Silver Blue

Ra i he d and r in

For anyone who missed the event, I’ll be keeping the sim in Radiohead mode for a day longer, so do log on and visit – it won’t look like this ever again! There is some Radiohead-inspired art on display – a couple of installations and a slideshow of great pictures – which is well worth a look.

As always, such events are characterized by conviviality as much as anything else, and we’ll certainly be holding more in future. Watch out here and in the inworld group announcements for details soon.

Meanwhile, you all – surely – know that this is the day when news about a tour and (possibly) Radiohead album number 9 will break. Check out these leaked documents, hot from reddit.

The first shows an awesome poster – real or not, who knows? – advertising the rumoured Paris gig in May …

radiohead paris

… while this is supposedly an email – real or not, who knows? – about a gig in Mexico later this year (check announcement date!!) …

radiohead email

So it’s happening.



after all this time gif

9 Replies to “radiohead retrospective”

  1. thanks for all your hard work, not just visually but find interesting facts, how you made each day different giving us more things to fill and inspire the creativity we all have inside of us. Thank you so much Serene for all you do to make your home so warm and inviting to everyone. A great weekend was had by all that came I am sure even if you didn’t know anything re the group Radiohead I know I now know who they are and the type of music they play (I will admit I didn’t know of them until you mentioned them and I went to look up and listen before the weekend) so it been educational as well. Thanks again pup

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I agree with pup – thank you for all the thoughts, ideas and work you put into Furillen, Serene. It’s really great to come there and always find something new and cool … be it rain or hippie vans or just that amazing radiohead setup.

    Although I could not be there as much as I wanted to, I really enjoyed the time spent there as always and I love the diversity of the furillenites. So here’s to all you awsome people who make Furillen what it is!

    I’m looking forward to the next event, unless Serene will ban my bastard ass, but hopefully not before we get married with a crazy cat as best man 😛 😀

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Et bien moi aussi, mais en français cette fois, je te remercie Serene pour cette sim que tu nous “offres”, dénudée mais chaleureuse, calme et sereine. Tu y ajoutes des touches de couleur avec les events et tu y mets toute ton énergie et ta gentillesse. Et j’en profite pour embrasser tous mes amis furillenistes d’Italie, d’Angleterre, d’Allemagne, d’Espagne, de France et d’Ile de France, entre autres… parce qu’il y a des furillenistes de partout sur la terre, de Mars et de Vénus 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  4. ok … well you are ALL banned, either for being mad or for speaking French :p

    but your comments are very much appreciated!! thankyou – et merci!

    i enjoy furillen a lot – and as i said in the post – for the conviviality as much as the fun i have moving stuff around at the sim and seeing the great pictures you make.

    Liked by 2 people

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