The meaning of Furillen: an album

by ∞ √allys ∞


I would like to explain something…

No no! I don’t live in Furillen on SL, I have my own peace of heaven too, as I go to other places.

So, Furillen is and remains one of the places that I love for so many reasons that are personal to me.

When I love, I love, when I hate, I hate … No half measures in my virtual life as in my real life, for place or people. Neither false pretenses. I go where I feel good and that’s the main 😉 Essential for me, not for “you” :p

Good to be what you are, and don’t to be what want’s other of “you”… Seriously, Think it if “you” have not this mind. Sometimes, i think people forget it. Here and RL. Just say it.

So thank you to everyone that I can also cross my way at Furillen.


Wild Calm@ Furillen

“Wild calm”


Freedom Spirit @ Furillen

“Freedom spirit”


Simplicity, Laughter & Discussions @ Furillen

“Simplicity, laughter and discussions”


thε 5th εlεmεnt @ Furillen

“The 5th element”


For All Citizens of World(s) @ Furillen

“For all citizens of world(s)”


Wild Naturε Callεd Naturε Wild *2 @ Furillen

“Wild nature called nature wild *2”


~ εxprεssion  ~ *276 @Furillen



gryning på Furillen

“gryning på Furillen”


Naturε Wild @Furillen

“Nature wild”


Happy Hour @Furillen

“Happy hour”

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