Window to the soul – an album

Window To The Soul

by Mellow


What is Furillen to me?

Furillen is a place where I come to relax, wander and think.

There I can find the peace I need to let my mind

dwelve within myself, meditate, reflect on life.

For me, the beauty of this place resides mainly in its simplicity.

The vastness leaves a lot of space for thoughts, or words

if you come across another wandering soul 🙂

So Furillen is like a window that somehow

helps to put things in perspective and see more clearly…

And to make sure your ears don’t get bored, I added a tune to each picture of the album (although Furillen already has the perfect music stream).



I got to know the sky but it didn't know me

“I got to know the sky but it didn’t know me”



By the sea

“By the sea”



Modern Soul

“Modern soul”



Today, we escape

“Today, we escape”



No Words Needed

“No words needed”



Everything I feel returns to you somehow

“Everything I feel returns to you somehow”







Enjoy the Silence

“Enjoy the silence”



The Old Man And The Sea

“The old man and the sea”



Right where it starts and ends

“Right where is starts and ends”



Lost in Thoughts

“Lost in thoughts”


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