The meaning of Furillen: inner calm

by Pepa Cometa


The trees of Furillen

“The trees of Furillen”





The spectacle

“Golden Furillen: the spectacle”


Furillen is a mirror

“Furillen is a mirror”


New light, new life. Furillen.

“New light, new life”


A light on my thougths

“A light on my thoughts”


Furillen is my refuge

“Furillen is my refuge”


The peace of Furillen

“The peace of Furillen”


Solitary path

“Solitary path”


The open door.

“The open door”


Empty chairs

“Empty chairs”


Blue wind

“Blue wind”


The single note

“Single note”


The man watching the sea. Serene Footman

“The man watching the sea”


The  "not time" place

“Furillen is my wish: the ‘not time’ place”


White rain at Furillen

“White rain at Furillen”


Birds, friends and rain at Furillen

“Birds, friends and rain at Furillen”

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