On A Friday …

… was, of course, the name used by Radiohead when they started out during the latter half of the 1980s. Looking somewhat unlikely…


Friday was the day they usually rehearsed together at Abingdon School in Oxfordshire, UK. They sounded like this …

… and this …

… and this …

… and – finally – this …

All of which should be alerting you to the fact that my attention is now turning to our Furillen Radiohead weekend.

it's about time gif

So if you’ve been itching to send me your videos and pictures for display this weekend, now is a good time. I can’t guarantee that everything will work well, or that your piece will be displayed exactly where you want it, but I’m sure nobody will mind.

radiohead @ furillen

As with the Bowie weekend, the focus will be on music first and foremost, and I have been uploading plenty of that to Furillen’s stream. We have about 14 hours’ worth of ‘official’ studio and live material ready to play, and I’ll now be trawling through the archives of more obscure recordings, and of course some bootleg tapes.


There will also be pictures – a slideshow of as many interesting pictures as I can find and upload that relate to the band. If you have links to archives or websites where such pictures can be found, please pass them along.

There will also be some movies, although I am really not sure about how much the Bowie movies were actually watched in the end — so on this issue I am still a little uncertain. I may just settle for one big screen to keep the visual noise down a bit.

I know there were moments during the Bowie weekend when people felt they’d walked into something like this …

visual noise gif.gif

… so if you have any views, keep talking, I’m listening …


You will, of course, be wanting to wear appropriate outfits – and may be wondering what on earth you can put on that fits an occasion such as this. These guys aren’t Bowie, after all.

But they do seem to have had a talent for looking – intentionally or otherwise – a little bit ridiculous. As in this …

Thom-Yorke-6 gif

… or this …

early radiohead

At the same time, there is no denying their talent for looking cool. As they do here …


… and here …


… and even here …


There are no real icons, as we obviously had with Bowie, but there is plenty of rich material that can be used for inspiration.

And so, finally … we come to that big question. Will there be a new album in time for our party?

give it to me gif

Anyone who follows the Radiohead reddit will know of this mythical beast as LP9, and waiting for it, speculating about its contents, visualising the moment it gets released, preparing yourself for that first listen, worrying whether it will be any good, guessing what it will be called, and piecing together the artwork in advance – are among the saner preoccupations of this deliciously geeky group of followers.

geek gif

For what it’s worth … it currently seems that the very earliest feasible date for LP9 will actually be next week, because some individual members of the band are involved in solo performances this coming weekend – here, for example, and here.

But let’s face it – the release could just as easily be in May, or December, or next year.

impatient gif

So, if you’re the impatient type, what better way is there to take out your frustrations than by rocking up to Furillen this weekend and doing a Thom …

thom dancing gif

Oh and by the way. In case you’re new to Radiohead, this is for you …

get into radiohead

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