The Meaning of Furillen

by Carolyn

It is very hard to put things in words, single image. Life has a lot of colors, but shades of gray also, and mainly the life is composed with these shadows. Shadows of our own lifes, but with shadows of people which we know, in our family, our friends, or just shadows of places and people who lived in this places. The Furillen is a place which was made “as a challenge to ‘make’ a sim that – in material terms – looked a bit like the real Furillen and was inspired by articles”. These words of Serene Footman, creator and owner of this SIM changed with just a few weeks of the existence of this place. Soon, this place became social, artistic and very creative place. Everyone who came here have found own story. Sometimes just a picture, sometimes have found a nice things around, sometimes new friends, or maybe… inspirations. I found here all of it, same as one thought more… Very often we forget that the places we visit have their own stories, stories which are hidden behind shadows, even our own shadows which we see on pictures later, reviewing family albums. We dont see people who made this place, probably we dont feel them and dont see their shadows, but we surrender to the climate which they have created and we continue to create them. With life chasing us forward we do not delve into what we see. Furillen in SL reminded me and still reminds me it …

PS.(IMPORTANT) Rules of flickr made that this movie is cut, cause it is … too long (clip has more than 3 minutes), so… not my fault 😉 here is a full version :…

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