Solitude: The Meaning of Furillen

by Tizzy Canucci

Why Solitude, when there are so many people always there?

It is a melancholic place for me. Melancholia is an emotion a step away from sadness or loneliness – it is a peacefulness, a serenity, a seeking of pleasure in calm – and something of an inwardness – a solitude that is not necessarily lonely.

And while I gather my material at Furillen amongst others, the process of writing and movie-making are essentially solitary ones, of expressing one’s head. And there is the practical issue – film editing and sl are both graphics heavy tasks that are all but impossible for my computer to cope with at the same time.

The film editor Walter Murch claims in his book that when editing, at least 51% of it should be emotion… with story and rhythm and technical aspects all being less than half. Furillen means to me – the place where I could – and did – really put that into effect. It is a place for exploration within, because the space is so sparce. A place where expressing yourself through creativity is valued as much as through talking – but without obligation or pressure.

But Furillen is also melancholic in another way – it tempts you back. I never intended to make Solitude. I felt it was time to move onto another place and another challenge, because I never like to stay in one place too long. I had another poem and another city lined up. Yet, the words and the rain arrived together within 12 hours of each other, and it had to be.

So, this is the meaning of Furillen to me… a personal thing rather than trying to summarise or analyse its possible meaning to others or some inherent meaning as a space. And in the album is life, colour, melancholia, discovery, peacefulness and memories.

On Water's Edge

“On Water’s Edge”

Black Sea, Empty Seat

“Black Sea, Empty Seat””

Oil and Broken Legs

“Oil and Broken Legs”

SaveMe Oh’s unique style of performance art staged at Serene Footman’s Furillen in Second Life. Serene set up Furillen as a space for things to happen – like a prepared canvas – and has successfully attracted many artists making a variety of work, as well as generating spontaneous events. Location: of Life/138/122/21 (requires a Second Life viewer and an account).

Music: Anime Overture (The Antti Jädertpolm Quartet) / CC BY-NC-SA

Furillen Panoramic

“Furillen Panoramic”

The Furillen Five

“The Furillen Five”


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