Furillen round-up

It has been an eventful few days at Furillen.

First: The rain went away, returned and went away again – and you can expect more ‘intermittent showers’ this week. I enjoy having changeable weather on the sim, and will work on more variations during the coming weeks.

weather mixed gif

Second: We have a competition winner – an album of photographs put together by Cindering Blocks. As I explained in the IM sent around to the group inworld, although this was a very strong field, three of the four judges had this album in 1st or joint 1st place, so it is a decisive winner. We admired the quality of the photographs in their own right, as well as the thematic coherence of the album as a whole.

I found all eleven entries very strong, and will be publishing each one as a blog post – at a rate of two per day – for the remainder of this week. Please note that the order they are being published in is simply the order in which they appear in the competition Flickr stream. We didn’t rank the other entries, and none is implied by this ordering. So …

don't be suspicious

I have already settled on a format for the next round, and will be announcing this later on. As I said in another post, while competitions are not for everyone, they provide a focus and challenge that some people enjoy – and there are plenty of other ways to be creative at Furillen.

So let’s not get too precious with ourselves …

art tears

Third: We had our Abba event. We yelped to Dancing Queen, sobbed (with Micky) to SOS, and enjoyed some of the more obscure ‘B-sides’ in Abba’s back catalogue (although Mamma Mia has rendered many of these a lot less obscure).

As for the event itself, the sim was full the whole time and several people couldn’t get in at all. And the costumes? These pictures surely speak for themselves.



ᗅᗺᗷᗅmania @ Furillen

Panic ensued when the spheroid aliens attacked.





ᗅᗺᗷᗅmania @ Furillen

ᗅᗺᗷᗅmania @ Furillen


Fourth: Furillen has a wheel.

furillen's wheel

That’s right.


A wheel.

ferris wheel éléctrique @furillen

And it actually works.

Half wheel @furillen

I thought I might be able to say something interesting about the name ‘Ferris wheel’ here but that turns out to be incredibly boring.

boring gif

So, instead, I’ll say that what I enjoy most about these contraptions is their utter pointlessness.

pointless gif

Ferris wheels don’t even make good metaphors. You don’t agree? Try this …

Life is like a ferris wheel…sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down.

… I mean, seriously?

Or …

Hope is a Ferris wheel-
It takes Low and High;
And when you reach the Top,
It’s like you can touch The Sky!

… which made me feel a bit like this …

clint gif

… and prompts me to ask whether there is something about the shape of a wheel that encourages such horse shit.

horse shit

But it’s Monday. You have more important things to do.

La Rouε Tournε @ Furillen

See you on the wheel.

Circles. Ups and downs

4 Replies to “Furillen round-up”

  1. *Laughs*, come on Serene, there’s some world class poetry about Ferris Wheels out there.
    I found another one:

    Buy your ticket, take your ride, how high will you soar?
    Ferris wheel can lift you up and make you beg for more,
    Far above the world again, high, distorted view!
    Round you go in circles, it’s your latest love and you.

    Soar to heights undreamt of, and hope it lasts forever,
    But Ferris wheel’s a sideshow, and it’s Cupid at the lever;
    Wheel has many nuts and bolts, some strain at this height,
    You ride it to the apex, and pray they’re fastened tight.

    Far above the Earthly crowd, fuelled by fresh devotion,
    Ferris wheel is breathtaking – spinning Love in Motion,
    Don’t think of the last ride when some rusty bolts were found,
    Made your lovely Ferris wheel come crashing to the ground.

    Why must rides come to an end, why do wheels break down?
    One day king of all the world – the next down on the ground,
    When you hit the earth again, please, exit the ride,
    You’ve had your thrill, now move along – and hide your hurt inside.

    Found at kingpoetry.com

    Uhm, well: http://gifrific.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Angry-Mr-Bean-Shakes-Head.gif

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Serene, you are a true snob! ; P
    Things that are fun, original, joyful or wonderfull crazy you can´t call boring! *Pokes you!
    I love all your quirky ideas like bumper cars, ferrys wheels or weird Abba musics! They are inspiring the best community of all to be creative! ; )

    Liked by 1 person

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