the meaning of Furillen

On 8 February 2016 I announced the rules for Round 3 of the Furillen Photography Competition. The final entries were submitted on 4 March 2016.

The brief was simple, but demanding: make an album, using photographs and/or any other media, about the ‘meaning of Furillen’. This meaning could be personal, historical, fact or fiction, so the album could contain material from both first and second life.

I did not expect many entries. We received eleven, which is actually more than I had anticipated. And they are all of an extremely high standard. There is a real mixture here, which will make the judging process quite tough.

I have asked three people to join me on the panel: KT Syakumi, Dooozy and Senna. They bring different skills and perspectives to the task; they all have strong connections to the sim without being directly involved with the competition or its entrants; and they are all independent-minded and very serious about their work.

I hope to announce the result tomorrow, 6 March 2016.

I keep insisting that the competition is ‘only for fun’. What I mean by that is that it is not terribly competitive: there is no big prize, but merely (?) the satisfaction of having one’s efforts recognised.

What I keep seeing in the entries is not so much fun, as commitment. Having been through each one, all I can say is that this is quite exceptional work right across the board. Some of it is very touching – if ever I needed to justify the time I put into making and maintaining the sim, it is here.

To all of the entrants: a huge thankyou for your time and skill, your thoughtfulness, and your willingness to communicate what in some cases is quite a personal message about the sim and your relationship with it.

I think it is fitting that all entries should be showcased on this blog, and I intend to do this during the next week, publishing several entries per day until we are through them all.

If you can’t wait, you can see the entries here.

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