the furillen bowie weekend: details

aaa bowie details pic

We are gorging ourselves on Bowie at Furillen this weekend. It’s been fun putting it all together – even during a horrendously busy week in RL – and I’d like to thank Rinnuendo for helping me to gather material and, in particular, to make the movies work. Without her help the show wouldn’t be so great.

The weekend-long event will start on Saturday morning, European time. Those visiting the sim will find …

Pictures: a slide show, ‘projected’ onto the building at the centre of the sim, will feature more than 200 images, some rare; in addition, there will be GIF boards set against the hotel, and elsewhere on Furillen.

Movies: we have 7 cinema screens set up, showing a range of material from music video compilations to documentaries, including some awesome live footage. Here’s what they will be showing, moving clockwise from the regular Furillen movie screen at the south of the sim.

  • Main screen: a four-hour compilation of music videos.
  • Screen 2: Sound & Vision: a one-hour documentary about Bowie’s career.
  • Screen 3: videos from The Next Day, featuring The Stars Are Out Tonight, The Next Day, Love is Lost (Reich Remix), I’d Rather Be High (Venetian mix), and Valentine’s Day.
  • Screen 4: Five Years of Bowie: a one-hour BBC documentary covering five crucial years early on in Bowie’s career.
  • Screen 5: Best of Bowie: a ninety-minute compilation of music videos that was posted to Vimeo through Bowie’s own account.
  • Screen 6: videos from Blackstar, featuring Blackstar, Lazarus and Sue (Or In A Season of Crime).
  • Screen 7: Reality: a thirty-minute conceptual film that was made to accompany Bowie’s 2003 album of the same name.

Please refer to previous blog posts here and here in order to address any issues you may have trying to play the movies. What you absolutely need to do – and this applies to both Mac and PC users – is install QuickTime.

Music: there will be 26 of Bowie’s studio albums playing through the music stream on a random loop. These are:

In addition, I will also be playing some of his individual albums – from beginning to end – at set times. If you want to request that a specific album gets played through during your visit, please feel free to ask. But those I plan to give special slots to include:


hunky dory

ziggy album

bowie station cover


David Bowie's The Next Day


That’s it. I leave it up to all you to decorate the sim with your avatars, costumes and whatever else for the weekend.

Have a good time.

Because he most certainly did …

bowie b and w giphy




bowie weekend: update

I’ve watched Slipknot perform twice this week in London. Whether you like their music or not, it is difficult to resist the sense of theatre that surrounds it. Or the song that plays as the show opens …

… which leads me straight on to a quick update on the Furillen Bowie weekend, which is coming up fast.

bowie weekend b

First. In addition to the 17 albums that are already on Furillen’s Bowie playlist, I’ve been adding more music, including …


… The World of David Bowie (1970), which contains early tracks such as Love You til Tuesday and The London Boys …


Pin Ups (1973), which is an album of cover songs recorded by Bowie, including The Who’s I Can’t Explain & Where Have all the Good Times Gone, originally recorded by The Kinks …


Low (1977), which includes Sound and Vision & Warszawa


… Tonight (1984), which contains Loving the Alien & Blue Jean


Never Let Me Down (1987), including the Chernobyl-inspired Time Will Crawl & Day-In Day-Out, which is about homelessness and urban decay …


Tin Machine (1989), which features Heaven’s In Here alongside a cover of John Lennon’s Working Class Hero


Black Tie White Noise (1993), which contains You’ve Been Around & Nite Fights


Earthling (1997), including Dead Man Walking & I’m Afraid of Americans


… and ‘hours …’ (1999), containing Seven & The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell.

So I think in terms of music, we have it pretty much covered.


Besides all of this music, we will be displaying well over 100 images – including some hand-written lyrics and drawings by Bowie, as well as pictures of some of his great outfits. This one, for example …


Finally, we have movies for you. These will include a ninety-minute compilation of music videos that seems to have been put together by Bowie himself, and a conceptual movie that was made to accompany the 2003 album, Reality.


We are, in short, doing the great man proud.


Where are we now?

Had to get the train
From Potsdamer Platz
You never knew that
That I could do that
Just walking the deadSitting in the Dschungel
On Nürnberger Strasse
A man lost in time
Near KaDeWe
Just walking the deadWhere are we now, where are we now?
The moment you know, you know, you knowTwenty thousand people
Cross Bösebrücke
Fingers are crossed
Just in case
Walking the dead

Where are we now, where are we now?
The moment you know, you know, you know

As long as there’s sun
As long as there’s sun
As long as there’s rain
As long as there’s rain
As long as there’s fire
As long as there’s fire
As long as there’s me
As long as there’s you


Music from Bowie’s 2013 album, The Next Day
Movie by SaveMe Oh
Filmed at Furillen

watch for me after dinner

Walter Benjamin once said that the contents of a dream experienced while sleeping on a full stomach are an ‘expression’ of the meal you just consumed.

I would like to know what SaveMe Oh ate on Sunday. When – as promised – she returned to Furillen for a second consecutive evening, she gave us what I can only describe as a nightmare.

As a performer, what SaveMe Oh does is extremely simple.

‘What I do is invade spaces and start to perform … nothing more nothing less’.

As on the previous evening, she transformed Furillen. This is art as process and spectacle; a collective experience, and extraordinarily immersive.

Modern heresy

This was not a repeat performance; indeed it was not even similar to what we saw the evening before. Personally, I found this show even richer and more thought-provoking than the first.

What I saw on Saturday was a spectacular show of light, movement and colour. It was about scale and impact. It was out of this world.

art@furillen (3)

What I saw on Sunday was about – if not necessarily of – our world.

On Sunday, SaveMe Oh wrapped her audience tightly inside walls of television screens. It felt more intimate and intense – more suffocating – than the night before …

… from this artist who likes to speak of prisons …

In substance, too, the performance was on a human scale. From the myriad faces on the screens we started out with and the headless keyboard player …

save sun 01_003

Who needs a head ?

… we saw lines of commuters …

What are we in the queue for ?

… a centaur on repeat, above an eternally suffering man …

save sun 01_088

… a nightmarish, syringe-wielding nurse …

They will mute your mind as well

… and endless screaming.

This felt – and looked – like art as social theory.

save sun 01_123

These figures were set against a background that was surreal and disturbing …

… a dark tunnel that seemed to go on forever …

save sun 01_017

… a corridor that reminded me of Foucault’s remark about prisons resembling hospitals that resemble schools …

save sun 01_029

… and a series of giant syringes …

save sun 01_099

At the end of it all, she burned.



photography competition: round 3

I wondered whether the competition might have run its course.

Apparently not, according to many of you.

So we are ramping this up.

Carolyn, our latest winner, wanted to have a theme that concerns Furillen itself. This is what she said:

I think that it could be good to give people a chance to show what Furillen means to them, what it discovered by them here, to give the chance to link the true history of this place in RL, with your idea in SL, to find the forgotten stories of things or people connected with it, it will require some research … of course people can make own history on photos, but they should be linked to real history from RL and SL 🙂

Let’s do this.

pier poster_001

Here are the rules:

  1. Entries to round 3 of the Furillen photography competition will consist of an album, not a single picture, called ‘The Meaning of Furillen: An Album’.
  2. The album can contain anything you like: pictures, text, and machinima if you wish. It will have between 5 and 15 items.
  3. Essentially, the point of the album – as Carolyn suggests – is to convey what Furillen means to you. Interpret this as broadly or as narrowly, as literally or as metaphorically, as you wish.
  4. You enter by posting a single picture in a special Round 3 competition stream that will be initiated towards the closing date. This picture will act as a ‘cover’ for your album, and will be accompanied by a link to it.
  5. The winning entry will be displayed at the sim, in a form appropriate to whatever it contains.
  6. The closing date is Friday 4 March 2016 @ midday SLT.
  7. The winner will be decided by a panel.