Spring …

… has sprung at Furillen.


As I hope we will discover, the sim’s special atmosphere – that austere feeling, the monochrome look, the sense of space – will turn out to be every bit as interesting, and photogenic, in spring as it was in winter.


plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

memory of a free festival

david bowie weekend by pup

Mareea Bowie @ Furillen

The Children of the summer’s end
Gathered in the dampened grass
We played Our songs and felt the London sky
Resting on our hands
It was God’s land
It was ragged and naive
It was Heaven



Touch, We touched the very soul
Of holding each and every life
We claimed the very source of joy ran through
It didn’t, but it seemed that way
I kissed a lot of people that day

been chased by his huge blocks..

Spirit of Bowie @ Furillen


Oh, to capture just one drop of all the ecstasy that swept that afternoon
To paint that love
upon a white balloon
And fly it from
the topest top of all the tops
That man has pushed beyond his brain
Satori must be something
just the same

One, two, three...

Homage to David Bowie in Furillen_003

We scanned the skies with rainbow eyes and saw machines of every shape and size
We talked with tall Venusians passing through
And Peter tried to climb aboard but the Captain shook his head
And away they soared
Climbing through
the ivory vibrant cloud
Someone passed some bliss among the crowd
And We walked back to the road, unchained




“The Sun Machine is Coming Down, and We’re Gonna Have a Party
The Sun Machine is Coming Down, and We’re Gonna Have a Party
The Sun Machine is Coming Down, and We’re Gonna Have a Party
The Sun Machine is Coming Down, and We’re Gonna Have a Party
The Sun Machine is Coming Down, and We’re Gonna Have a Party.”

The Free Spirit of Furillen – 13-14 February 2016

The spirit of Furillen: a statement

Last week I wrote about – and praised – two impromptu art displays given by SaveMe Oh at Furillen.

Today I ejected this avatar from the sim.


Furillen is a collaborative art sim, which has gained the reputation it has by virtue of the mutual respect shown to each other by the artists and visitors there. It is a sim in which harassment or rudeness of any kind is not tolerated.

Through her behaviour in group chat, and when visiting the sim a number of times yesterday, it has become clear that SaveMe Oh’s presence at the sim undermines this project.

In ejecting and banning SaveMe Oh from Furillen, I have the full support of the regular visitors and artists.

It was an act of collaboration – addressed to SaveMe Oh’s behaviour, not her art.


We had a great first day of the Bowie weekend yesterday. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow of some of the outfits people wore. There were some interesting and very creative choices. Even the janitor changed out of his usual boiler suit and bleached his hair for the occasion.

Bowie at Furillen #4 (Rebel Rebel)

While the movies we had showing were popular, and the slide show of more than 200 pictures especially so, it was really all about Bowie’s music. There were more visitors to the stream than usual, and the average listening time shot up.

bowiegif 13

Starman got the highest number of listeners, while Heroes was also very popular – as, interestingly, was the song Bowie co-wrote with Eno, Warszawa. Joy Division originally called themselves “Warsaw” in honour of this song.

A request I wasn’t expecting was for This Is Not America. This was co-written by Bowie and a jazz fusion band called Pat Metheny Group, and was used for John Schlesinger’s 1985 movie, The Falcon and the Snowman.

Bowie didn’t perform it live until much later.

I came away from the day in awe of Bowie’s range. Nobody, in my view, comes close – he did everything, and most of it way ahead of his time.

In that spirit I wanted to share this – Bowie, appearing as the Lord Royal Highness in SpongeBob’s Atlantis Square Pantis in 2008. Apparently he became a SpongeBob fan through watching it with his daughter. Here is a picture of the character Bowie voiced – notice the eyes?

bowie Spongebob_bowie

You can watch a clip from it hereBowie also wrote a song for the upcoming Broadway show, The SpongeBob Musical. You couldn’t make it up …

I have spent quite a bit of time watching Bowie videos, reading about him and listening to his music while putting this Furillen event together. To be honest, after a while I stopped thinking about the event at all and just gathered material that I wanted to share.

bowiegif 04

What struck me more and more were his qualities as a human being: not only his genius and insight, but his humour and humility. Watch this video of a 1999 interview – where he says he doesn’t even know how to pronounce ‘Bowie’ – for evidence aplenty of what I mean:

What a beautiful man.

I’ll leave you with a video of the last single Bowie released during his lifetime. It is, of course, Valentine’s Day …