live like it’s Spring

Spring has arrived at Furillen – and the response has been good. Sometimes there is no need to ask for your feedback, I simply see it in your pictures.

New light, new life. Furillen.

Laura Feeling It @ Furillen

Spring Air @ Furillen

The ‘Spring coating’ of the sim has been low key.

The Spring Is Coming @Furillen

The windlight was changed …


… trees have been greened …

and three Spring pairings have been introduced:

of huskies…

Early spring mood

… magpies …


… and swans …


This new life at Furillen – alongside the woodpecker you’ll find in the treeline – brings with it a new soundscape.


The monochrome feel remains key, as does the sim’s overall minimalist design.

Shy'Sun'Spring @Furillen

But while the snow has gone, there are no guarantees that the sun will always shine. A Furillen mist is an ever-present possibility, as is rain. Only time will tell …


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