The spirit of Furillen: a statement

Last week I wrote about – and praised – two impromptu art displays given by SaveMe Oh at Furillen.

Today I ejected this avatar from the sim.


Furillen is a collaborative art sim, which has gained the reputation it has by virtue of the mutual respect shown to each other by the artists and visitors there. It is a sim in which harassment or rudeness of any kind is not tolerated.

Through her behaviour in group chat, and when visiting the sim a number of times yesterday, it has become clear that SaveMe Oh’s presence at the sim undermines this project.

In ejecting and banning SaveMe Oh from Furillen, I have the full support of the regular visitors and artists.

It was an act of collaboration – addressed to SaveMe Oh’s behaviour, not her art.

2 Replies to “The spirit of Furillen: a statement”

  1. It sounds liked you handled this well, Serene. I applaud that you gave SMO a platform and an opportunity to show her great immersive art, that is more than any other sim-owner would ever have done. But then you also recognized eventually that the art itself has very little to do with her provocative and destructive behavior. I predict however also that this blog post will fuel her quite theatrical thinking process and there will be more drama to come. 😛

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