bowie weekend: update

I’ve watched Slipknot perform twice this week in London. Whether you like their music or not, it is difficult to resist the sense of theatre that surrounds it. Or the song that plays as the show opens …

… which leads me straight on to a quick update on the Furillen Bowie weekend, which is coming up fast.

bowie weekend b

First. In addition to the 17 albums that are already on Furillen’s Bowie playlist, I’ve been adding more music, including …


… The World of David Bowie (1970), which contains early tracks such as Love You til Tuesday and The London Boys …


Pin Ups (1973), which is an album of cover songs recorded by Bowie, including The Who’s I Can’t Explain & Where Have all the Good Times Gone, originally recorded by The Kinks …


Low (1977), which includes Sound and Vision & Warszawa


… Tonight (1984), which contains Loving the Alien & Blue Jean


Never Let Me Down (1987), including the Chernobyl-inspired Time Will Crawl & Day-In Day-Out, which is about homelessness and urban decay …


Tin Machine (1989), which features Heaven’s In Here alongside a cover of John Lennon’s Working Class Hero


Black Tie White Noise (1993), which contains You’ve Been Around & Nite Fights


Earthling (1997), including Dead Man Walking & I’m Afraid of Americans


… and ‘hours …’ (1999), containing Seven & The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell.

So I think in terms of music, we have it pretty much covered.


Besides all of this music, we will be displaying well over 100 images – including some hand-written lyrics and drawings by Bowie, as well as pictures of some of his great outfits. This one, for example …


Finally, we have movies for you. These will include a ninety-minute compilation of music videos that seems to have been put together by Bowie himself, and a conceptual movie that was made to accompany the 2003 album, Reality.


We are, in short, doing the great man proud.


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