watch for me after dinner

Walter Benjamin once said that the contents of a dream experienced while sleeping on a full stomach are an ‘expression’ of the meal you just consumed.

I would like to know what SaveMe Oh ate on Sunday. When – as promised – she returned to Furillen for a second consecutive evening, she gave us what I can only describe as a nightmare.

As a performer, what SaveMe Oh does is extremely simple.

‘What I do is invade spaces and start to perform … nothing more nothing less’.

As on the previous evening, she transformed Furillen. This is art as process and spectacle; a collective experience, and extraordinarily immersive.

Modern heresy

This was not a repeat performance; indeed it was not even similar to what we saw the evening before. Personally, I found this show even richer and more thought-provoking than the first.

What I saw on Saturday was a spectacular show of light, movement and colour. It was about scale and impact. It was out of this world.

art@furillen (3)

What I saw on Sunday was about – if not necessarily of – our world.

On Sunday, SaveMe Oh wrapped her audience tightly inside walls of television screens. It felt more intimate and intense – more suffocating – than the night before …

… from this artist who likes to speak of prisons …

In substance, too, the performance was on a human scale. From the myriad faces on the screens we started out with and the headless keyboard player …

save sun 01_003

Who needs a head ?

… we saw lines of commuters …

What are we in the queue for ?

… a centaur on repeat, above an eternally suffering man …

save sun 01_088

… a nightmarish, syringe-wielding nurse …

They will mute your mind as well

… and endless screaming.

This felt – and looked – like art as social theory.

save sun 01_123

These figures were set against a background that was surreal and disturbing …

… a dark tunnel that seemed to go on forever …

save sun 01_017

… a corridor that reminded me of Foucault’s remark about prisons resembling hospitals that resemble schools …

save sun 01_029

… and a series of giant syringes …

save sun 01_099

At the end of it all, she burned.



2 Replies to “watch for me after dinner”

  1. God, SaveUs Oh, from ourselves !

    I saw a concentration camp, with us all prisoners of the walls we are building. TV screens surrounding us, washing our brains until we align all in enormous queues for nothing. Obsessed by “la fuite du temps”, “watching” constantly our watches, terrorized by the fear of being late for the encounter with the world and with ourselves. Fascinated by the speed, running into our death – this tunnel with no light at the end of it.
    I saw a psychiatric hospital reminding me of “Fly Above a Cuckoo’s Nest” but also of Mengele or Stalin.
    I saw an atemporal Inquisition court convicting and burning “heretics” for the offense of trying to break free…

    I saw the obsessive multiplication and repetition of images as a stylistic technique used to intensify emotions.

    I was fascinated by the way in which we, the spectators of the show, were caught in the middle of all this hallucination, reminding us that we are guilty for our misery.

    (I apologize for my poor and uncertain English)

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