latest news from Furillen

It was a busy weekend at Furillen.

First, we saw two brilliant impromptu art performances from SaveMe Oh, given on Saturday and Sunday evening. I wrote about the first here, and will have something to say about the second later on.

It was compelling. I love this art, and enjoy the sense of drama – imagined and real – that surrounds it.

Second, we had a competition winner – the talented Carolyn, whose series of Furillen pictures impressed me hugely when I first saw them, enough to make one of them picture of the day.

The winning picture engages with the ‘cold’ theme in a direct but nonetheless subtle way. For me, as for many others I think, it is the light in Carolyn’s picture that really grabs – and holds – one’s attention.

By the time you read this, the winning picture will be on display in the hotel reception.

Tomorrow, I will announce a theme for the next competition, and set down some other new ground rules – just to keep things interesting.

Third, the great Rinnuendo continued working at the movie player. We discovered – and worked around – more SL-specific quirks, and we are starting to believe that we may now have one of the best – no, the best – movie screens on the grid.

Many Thank's Serene ;-) @Furillen

In a previous post, I said that the screen is only a temporary installation at the sim, and I believe this is the right choice. So do enjoy this while it lasts – and please be patient if you are not so keen (derendering is your best option).

If you tweak your preference settings for media at distance, you can hear and see (or glimpse) the screen from all over the sim. To me, it has the feeling of a vast, empty cinema.


If you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure you follow the instructions on the board next to the screen – and avoid pressing buttons repeatedly as you might with your TV at home. Give the movies time to load, particularly those you haven’t yet seen.

movie instructions f

Fourth, the outside cinema was the location of not one but two ‘flashmob’ line-ups. These are great fun – a good test of photography and lag survival skills, and a really pleasant social occasion.

Happy Afternoon @Furillen

There are some really exceptional characters at Furillen, which has now taken on a social and creative life of its own far beyond anything that I have created or can (or would want to) control. I called myself the janitor with good reason.

Fifth, preparations are well underway for the Bowie weekend that will take place at Furillen on 13-14 February 2016. I have the music well covered, but if there is any digital Bowie-related art – including movies – that you think would enhance the weekend, please get in touch.

bowie weekend b

Before then, I will be resuming my nocturnal first life habits as I come out of hibernation and start going to a gig or two in London. This week it is Slipknot and All Time Low. I’m looking forward to the theatricals in both gigs, especially the former.

But the working week, alas, starts now. Whatever you get up to, do make the most of it …

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