The Furillen Bowie weekend

Someone requested that we hold a Bowie event at Furillen.


This is no doubt partly a response to the wall-to-wall Bowie music, featuring 17 of his albums, that we had streaming through the sim just after he died.

bowie a

I think it’s a great idea. We could simply have a party, but with a homestead limit of 20 avatars I can imagine the carnage that would ensue if I issued an invitation with a start time on it. So instead, I propose a Bowie weekend …

bowie weekend b

… during which you are invited to come to the sim appropriately dressed, in outfits that the great man himself might have enjoyed at some point during his long and distinguished career as a style icon.

Besides a spaced out Janitor, greeting you at Furillen will be …

  • as much of Bowie’s back catalogue as we can pump out through the music stream;
  • a slide show of Bowie pictures on the wall of the main house; and (hopefully!)
  • some Bowie movies on the big screen.

If you like the sound of this, pop over to Furillen next weekend, February 13-14 2016, to celebrate the life and work of this extraordinary – unique – artist.

So …

giphy (2)

… let’s dance !


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