Furillen’s movie screen

Some great videos have been made of Furillen – or simply using the sim as a backdrop. So it seems perfectly natural to me to put them on display at the sim.

It’s an extension of idea of art in situ that I talked about last week.

show 01_018

However, sharing movies and watching them together is much harder in Second Life than seems justified.

giphy (1)

I won’t bore you (and myself) with the details, but the problems with playing movies inword include

  • the video format;
  • not being able to stream from certain websites (Vimeo) while being stuck with ads and autoplay on others (YouTube);
  • the need for everyone to have certain software installed, such as Adobe Flashplayer and Quicktime; and
  • last but not least, some arcane difference between PCs and Macs which usually leaves owners of the latter staring at a blank movie screen inworld.

Having spent way too long trying to find a workaround this week, I was saved from eternal frustration by the ingenuity of someone who came to Furillen whom I hardly know, who goes by the name of Rinnuendo. Her intriguing new blog can be found here.

Rinnuendo built a movie screen for use at Furillen that will enable me to show movies to anyone who visits – regardless of whether they are using PC or Mac. In addition, once we have uploaded them to a server, visitors will have the opportunity to choose from a selection of movies.

Super Rinnuendo, indeed …

Please go and try this inworld as soon as you can, because we really need your feedback on a couple of things – whether it actually works for you, and what you think of the ‘outside cinema’ that I set up for the purpose.

This won’t be a permanent feature of the sim. For now, it’s an experiment. The idea is to use the screen when I have something new to show: when a new video has been made, for example, or to show something for a special occasion, or even to hold movie nights.

minimalist_film_poster_lights_camera_action-rcb6d07bd4a9d42b9a30ad6f98aeaec67_wvc_8byvr_324 (1).jpg

But before you go pressing buttons, please note a couple of points.

First, you definitely need Quicktime to view these movies, whether you are using a PC or a Mac. If you only hear sound, this is the most likely reason. So install Quicktime from here before you even try viewing inworld.

Second, there is a set of easy-to-follow instructions on display next to the screen. Please follow the simple steps in exact order.

movie instructions f

Over the next few days, I’ll be showing some movies that have been made of Furillen, together with a movie (or two) by Tutsy Navarathna, a Furillen regular whose work I really admire.

So … catch this while you can.



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