Furillen flash mob



I signed off from a recent post by saying:

‘For a sim in which nothing much happens, everything at Furillen happens fast.’

And so it came to pass. Furillen’s second art (?) event came and went …


… in a flash.

The Pier (2)

Although I had wanted to do something like it for a while, this wasn’t actually planned. Such things rarely are.

Happy Hour 2@furillen

And although I am calling it a mob, 20 is as many avatars as Furillen – still a homestead – is allowed to take.


But still … with 14 of us standing around Furillen’s landing spot posing for a video that Tuts Navarathna was making, the opportunity seemed too good to miss.

So we gathered on the pier.

The Pier (5)

Calls and TPs went out and 14 became 15 …

furillen @ love of life, 2 feb 2016

…. then 16.

The Pier (1)

For a while we topped out at 18, because although more avatars were arriving …


… those of us already in line and taking pictures were crashing.


Others arrived; some – like me – having logged on from their offices or work stations hardly expecting to find the sim busy, let alone full.

Furillen People

And then finally, at around 5.45 pm UK time, we had 20 in our line …

Happy Hour @Furillen

… for Furillen’s first flash mob event.

It was delightfully silly, pointless and fun …

The Pier (3)

… a photogenic act of spontaneous sociability.

Look out for the next one …

3 Replies to “Furillen flash mob”

  1. Aww Is a shame i couldn’t be there! I hope to be in the next one for sure…
    Is always a pleasure to be part of Furillen’s community
    See you all next time! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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