The Constant Falling

Tizzy Canucci has produced a stunning video, which was taken at Furillen and goes a long way towards capturing its atmosphere.

Furillen is a strange sim. It isn’t particularly original. Each prim wasn’t built by my own hands. It isn’t full of cutting-edge Second Life technology – if that isn’t a contradiction in terms.

Some people land at the sim and leave soon afterwards, shrugging their shoulders and wondering what the fuss is about.

Others remain, linger, and return again. They project themselves – their stories, emotions, imaginings – into the space the sim provides.

Some of these people never speak, but I see them every day. Others make wonderful pictures.

Tizzy made this, and I think it captures – better than anything – what I’ve been trying to say in the 134 words that make up this post.

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