Furillen – up next

As we get ready go close down the exhibit of portraits by Moon Edenbaum, ‘Shoot the Shooters’, it is time to look ahead to the next key date …

… which is this Friday, 5 February 2016, when entries close for Round 2 of the Furillen photography competition – at midday SLT to be precise.


As before, voting will take place over the weekend before I announce the winner on Sunday 7 February at midday SLT. The winning picture will be displayed on the sim, and the winner gets to choose the next theme, with Round 3 starting in 8 February and running until 24 February.

To remind you, the theme is ‘cold’. I made some suggestions about what you might do – and issued a plea for as many as possible of you to join in – right here.

So please join in. To show you that I mean it, I am resorting to the lowest form of art, the pleading fluffy kitten GIF.


Happy now?

As for ‘the rules’ … the only difference this time around is that only entrants get to vote. Why did I do this? Because it was too complex before – too complex for me, I mean.


The last winner was a hugely popular choice and I expect the next one to be be just as much a consensus pick.

cartoonSo if you would like to influence who wins, then you know what you have to do …

As for events, and following a quite reasonable request from Kate Bergdorf, we’ll be leaving the show up for one more day – just to allow those who don’t (or can’t) come into Second Life at the weekends to come along and see it on Monday.

Meanwhile, Moon has already started to post the series on his flickr stream, so you can show your appreciation of his extraordinary talents with the usual flickrite love.

Back at Furillen, I’ll be working hard to keep the momentum going during a busy February in my first life.

I will be trying out various ways of changing the seasons without undermining the atmosphere.

I will be working with the builder – ‘craftsperson’ – KT Syakumi, on new (and unique) buildings for the sim, which try to replicate what exists on the real Furillen.


And, of course, I will be planning new shows and events. I have several in mind.

Each, I hope, will feature a really distinctive artist whose work has close connections – of one kind or another – with Furillen in Second Life.


Each, I hope, will be ’embedded’ within the sim, offering an experience of art that is immersive, collective and different. Precisely how this is achieved depends entirely on the art form in question, on the wishes of the artist — and on what’s technically possible.

The Artist's Eye

As ever, I won’t be making any of my plans public until I really have to …

Just watch this space.


For a sim in which nothing much happens, everything at Furillen happens fast.

To all of you who came to the the event this weekend and supported Moon and me – thank you.

Happy February.


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