art in situ

Furillen’s first art show – a series of portraits by Moon Edenbaum called ‘shoot the shooters’ – continues, but with less than 24 hours to go before it’s gone forever, do drop by if you can.

show 01_011

Has it been a success? I think so, and in three key areas.

First, numbers. All records for visitor numbers to the sim – and for listeners to the music stream – were broken during the course of the evening (European time), and it seems to have been an extremely busy night.

I spent several hours at the sim and it was full or very close to full for most of that time.


For anyone who was trying to get in for a quiet moment or two … sorry about that, but normal service will be resumed in due course.


Second, the experience. Moon and I had worked hard to make this an immersive show. Besides the music and lighting, the idea behind ‘projecting’ the images onto the building walls was to create a collective experience of art: a bit like the cinema, but while looking at pictures instead.

show 01_018

Not only the pictures in the slide show, but the four animated gifs on the hotel rooms behind. Like this one:

Watching pictures together, waiting the (carefully selected) 45 second period for the introductory slide for each image to clear … waiting and anticipating, together … has a strangely hypnotic effect.

People of Furrilen

There were some moments that really felt quite special.

Don't Say "Cheers" Say "Chairs"

I recommend reading this excellent piece by Kate Bergdorf, for a description of how this felt from her perspective.

Third, the concept. I wanted to show art not only at Furillen but of Furillen. Art that belongs at the sim because it was made at the sim.

show 01_002

I wanted to offer an alternative to a gallery, using other aspects of what I felt Second Life could offer.


I wanted to show pictures in a way that emphasized what art stands for at Furillen, its sense of community and co-operation.

show 01_005

Moon’s wonderful pictures were the perfect vehicle for this, and I am very grateful to him for agreeing to what must have seemed – at first – to be a bit of a strange idea.


Fortunately, Moon knows enough about Walter Benjamin – who, unashamedly, was my inspiration for this project – to have agreed to come along for the ride.


Without Moon’s excellent portraits – all of them made at Furillen in the same room using the same set – this show could never have worked.

So, to repeat …

Just see it.

9 Replies to “art in situ”

  1. It was magic. “Spiritus loci” (and this is something real, concrete, you can almost breath it, hear it, touch it…) created a perfect atmosphere for this very poetic movement of lights and shadows, sounds, colours, words, images and feelings.

    Thank you Moon, thank you Serene:))

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