art at Furillen

This weekend sees Furillen’s first ‘art show’ – an exhibit of portraits that were made by Moon Edenbaum.

People of Furillen. Moon edenbaum

They were taken at the sim itself, in the same room using the same set.

read more here please:

As you will see, this gives them a thematic unity that is rather powerful … and, when displayed as we will be displaying them, absorbing and meditative.

strength 2

For obvious reasons, these pictures have a connection with Furillen, and as I said before, displaying them at the sim reminds me of what Walter Benjamin said about the authenticity of an artwork and its connection with the location – the space and context – in which it was produced.


Moon’s portraits have another – and, I think, deeper – connection with Furillen. They echo its minimalist style in their simplicity and repetition.


We wanted this to be immersive. So please, if you can, listen to the music stream when you look these portraits. Moon chose this music. I think it fits very well, enhancing what you see in these pictures, and how you look at them.


Neither of us is claiming to be doing anything astonishingly original here. We just wanted to do something simple, and well.

A straightforward, no bullshit, art show.


For this very reason, I really like Moon’s pictures.

can she be late for her cinema show? 3

He usually posts them on his flickr stream in groups of three. They are always portraits that have an impact, a rawness and an honesty, that I appreciate.

teatime divertimento 2

It isn’t easy to ‘catch’ an avatar in a way that distills personality, life and spirit.

sitting 2

Moon is one of a few people in Second Life who can do this.

evening 2

I also love his treatment of colour.


So, please, come along if you can – we’ll be showing ‘shoot the shooters’ to a few small groups at various times during the weekend. At these times the sim may have to close, so that those we invited can get in.

The first time is today (Saturday 30 January) at 8pm CET – which translates as 11am in Second Life Time (SLT).

The second time is also today, at 11pm CET – or 2pm in SLT.

The third time is tomorrow (Sunday 31 January) at 3pm CET – or 6am SLT.

Outside those times, starting as soon as the first show has ended, the sim is open as usual – and the show will roll on, so everyone who wants to can see it.

Moon will be posting the series on Flickr as soon as the show is over. I will take it down very early on Monday morning, European time.

Thankyou for your attention. I hope to see you there.


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