no sex please, we’re Swedish

Please excuse the cheesy title of this post, named after a British farce from the early 1970s that was truly awful.


But having mentioned Charles Baudelaire and Walter Benjamin in recent posts, I thought I may as well put ‘sex’ in a post heading as an experiment: I’ll wager it gets more hits than ‘flâneur’ …


Furillen is a ‘moderate’ rated sim. The official definition of ‘moderate’ in Second Life is way too boring to repeat here, but it basically means that sexual activity is not allowed and cannot be promoted.


In other words, it is my responsibility as the owner to make sure that ‘sex’ at Furillen doesn’t happen.


I laughed out loud as I typed that sentence …

Anyway, on this matter, a number of observations.

First: it was always a no-brainer for me to rate Furillen as moderate. This isn’t prudishness. I know and admire plenty of sims that are adult rated – as a glance at yesterday’s blog post will confirm.

It simply means that I felt I knew who would come to Furillen, and that one of the things they would appreciate about it would be the lack of sexual activity – and therefore the reduced likelihood of being harassed.


Quite a few people have mentioned this to me – enough to confirm that I wasn’t wrong. Not everyone is happy, but there are plenty of other places in Second Life for them to go to.


Some people ask me for more couples-oriented furniture, PG rated. My answer is: I put things out if they look good, and for no other reason.

I won’t put out adult rated things for obvious reasons, but even with PG rated things, I’m watching for texture and design, not for whether they are good for smooching.

Thom & Mila are lost in their Thoughts @Furillen

Second: people ask about nudity. On this question, the guidelines are not altogether clear. Is a sim full of naked people a case of ‘promoting’ sexual activity?

high voltage

My answer is: I don’t know and don’t really care. If you are naked taking a good picture, great. Use your common sense.

new years day 2

‘Don’t be a dick’, is a pretty good rule. And probably best not to wave it around, either, if you see the janitor close by.

Third: so does this mean that nobody ever has sex at Furillen? I really have no idea. But I’d be a bit surprised if all visitors ever talk about is art.

Sex without pose balls. Now that would be a threat to the Second Life economy …


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