remembering the sims

I’m often thanked for Furillen. It’s really nice to hear, and I especially appreciate comments left in the guest book.

In this post I wanted to mention a few other sims – places well worth visiting now, or that have inspired me in the past. And I wanted to ask about your own all-time favourite sims.

Here are some of mine.

Let’s start with sims that are still live. Most of you will know them all. Sims such as …


Elysion Midwinter Light


Hollowtree - a different perspective

White Dunes

White Dunes

Saint Pete City

The Light at Saint Pete City

Flux sur Mer

F L U X  S U R   M  E R


Chouchou 3

Black Kite

Black Kite 1


Innsmouth 6

… the list goes on.

All of these sims have brilliant landscaping, are skilfully decorated and very well managed. They range from minimalist (Chouchou) to highly detailed (Saint Pete City).

Some are commercially driven and self-sustaining. Others – like Furillen – rely on donations and the largesse of their owners. Most are a combination of both.

If I had to pick one for sheer originality and downright weirdness – qualities that surely enrich Second Life – it would have to be Innsmouth.

Then there is the succession of extraordinary sims created by Cica Ghost …

Strings by Cica Ghost

Prison 2

Roots - Sim by Cica Ghost - 7/366

… and Bryn Oh …

Bryn Oh at her installation "Imogen and the pigeons" - Somewhere in sl 435 (Immersiva by Bryn Oh, Immersiva (9, 124, 21)) opens January 13th)

Lobby Cam by Bryn Oh 02


Bryn Oh at The Gathering

These exceptional places were built entirely by those creators, and are – for me – in a class by themselves. Without them, the Second Life grid would be much poorer.

I used to feel the same way about AM Radio, who ‘left the grid’ in 2011 – although he still revisits from time to time. There is a fascinating interview with him, which is well worth your time.

Most of my all-time favourite sims were built by AM Radio, such as …

… Surface …

AM Radio's Surface 04

… The Ferry …

AM Radio's The Ferry 05

… A Little Further Than Before …

AM Radio's A Little Further Than Before

… and Superdyne …

AM Radio's Superdyne 05

And we should all be grateful to Ziki Questi for curating his very first project …

The Far Away

The Far Away 04

… in order to keep it on the grid.

However, I personally feel that Linden Labs missed a trick by failing to keep and maintain the others …

… especially The Quiet …

AM Radio's The Quiet: Further Away and Further Apart

… which still brings me out in goose bumps, just thinking about it.

The Space Between these Trees

If anything inspired my intentions towards Furillen, especially its atmosphere …

With AM Radio at The Quiet

… then it was this most memorable of all Second Life worlds.

at The Quiet :Further Away and Further Apart...

But I’m sure that we all have favourite sims from the past.

Rez (Euphoria Realm) was one of mine, from 2008 …

Euphoria Realm

… but I could also mention …

… Roche …

Roche 10

… Small Town Green …

Small Town Green

… Lost City …

Lost City - Canal

… and many others.

There are also – still thriving, I’m happy to say – some wonderful networks of sims, which are both residential and resident-built, such as …


North Yard 2

New England

{Noble} New England

… and New Babbage

The Fog of Industry

These last three places came to my mind because I have lived on them all at some stage during my time on the grid.

I put Furillen together, and put a lot of energy into it, for the very simple reason that I have adored all of these places in the past, and appreciated what a difference they have made to the quality of my own time in and enjoyment of Second Life.

If you agree with me, please leave a comment recommending any sims not mentioned here …

… and let’s all go visit them!

Second Life would be nothing, after all, without these awesome places, and the commitment and imagination of the people who put them together.

But do, please, keep coming back to Furillen …

Fuyuko 16-01-01 017 You have to pick the places you don't walk away from (furillen, love of life)

la procession des captifs

lines, this way and that


… because the one thing I have learned since opening the sim in October is that all the landscaping and decor would come to nothing if it wasn’t for the people who regularly visit there, take photographs there, stand around, talk and contribute to the atmosphere.

Lεt's Dancε @ Furillen

They are what makes Furillen special.






5 Replies to “remembering the sims”

  1. Thank you for this fantastic post … the memories! And of course the fantastic images. I agree with your choices and would add Crestwick Island, Hazardous Inc and Kaleidoscope to them. And so many more I’m sure I’m leaving out. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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