let it snow … ?

It snows constantly at Furillen.


Most visitors seem to enjoy it. There is something about the softness of snow, and the delicate way that it falls at the sim, which creates a certain mood.


Distance control

Not everyone loves it, of course. Some photographers – including me, sometimes – do everything they can to derender the stuff (to do this: disable alpha in advanced tools, not particles).

jala b

The snow is also a nuisance when editing and moving objects, because your mouse keeps picking up the snow emitters, which are everywhere.

We are just beginning to see some snow in the UK after an uncomfortably warm winter so far. As always, I am sure that we will fail to cope with it.


So this might be a strange time to ask, but I have been wondering …

… should the snow stop falling in March?

… should Furillen have seasons?


Your thoughts, as always, are welcome.

13 Replies to “let it snow … ?”

  1. Changing seasons could be a real challenge, as long as the austerity of the sim seems to “request” winter. I can’t imagine a Furillen spring. Can you?

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  2. Furillen is beautiful and special. A large part of what makes it that way, in my opinion, is the snow. I understand the vague annoyances with derendering and with moving items, but I think it would be an entirely different experience if ‘our’ Furillen had seasons and looked, for example, like the real Furillen in the image you’ve posted. I vote for eternal snow 🙂

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  3. Hi Serene,
    I definitely agree with the above comments and would love if Furillen had seasons. It is a breathtaking sim, I think seeing the change of seasons would be lovely in photographs and it inspires more creativity 🙂 This is Ingrid von Paine (Pentacles666) by the way 🙂

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  4. I visit Furillen quite often and enjoy the cold bleakness of it all; it would be strange to see the Sun there! We had our obligatory “1cm of snow” in the UK last weekend, and it was chillingly ambient feeling to look out the window and see the same scene repeated on screen. More blizzards and raging white outs please Mr F!


  5. I like the snow, prefer to enjoy it virtually so it doesn’t have to be removed from walkways and car drives 😀 Actually I like real snow too except for the aforementioned reasons. Seasons would be nice at Furillen too.

    Thank you for the derendering tip also. My only complaint with the snow is when I try to use depth of field, the viewer attempts to reference the snow and my subjects go in and out of focus. Next time I’m shooting I’ll try it but then I’ll lose the flakes too I suppose.

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  6. I think for me I like snow and not snow, I like to see seasons too. I know I don’t live where it snows all the time however I love seeing the mountains covered with a dusting of snow, the changes of the landscape from bright greens to autumn browns oranges , in the spring when it comes the tiny flower heads poking up the ground that been dormant, animals that been hibernating or migrated for the winter coming back, lots of possibilities and more photo/ art interpretations possibilities. animals making homes in buildings etc pup

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  7. thanks for such interesting comments. i really appreciate that people care, and that you have taken time over this, to comment. i also received some notecards and IMs about this inworld.

    it seems that opinion is quite divided – so i have some more thinking to do ! but whatever happens, the underlying mood and aesthetic of Furillen will never change – nor the emphasis on art, peace, and conviviality.

    thanks again.


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