Furillen news

I enjoyed giving an interview to Kate Bergdorf in The Virtual Review recently, in which I emphasised how important it was to keep a Second Life sim like Furillen active and moving forward.

An Interview with Serene Footman

This is an effort that takes place on several fronts: from being around at the sim for questions, to making regular changes  and improvements, through things like the Flickr groups and competition, the music, and even this blog.

So … what’s coming up?

First, as I have said on a few occasions, I hope to install more unique builds at the sim, which replicate those that can be found at the real Furillen. This is in collaboration with KT Syakumi, who built the wonderful pier.

Plans are still in the early stages, but I hope these pictures give you a taste of where this might lead.



Second, preparations are underway for an art event with a difference which, if it works, will herald more to come.

I will announce this event on Friday. I won’t give details just yet – but clear some space in your diary for the weekend of 30-31 January 2016.

You won’t want to miss it.

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