trees of Furillen

Trees are a vital part of Furillen’s look.

There is the distinctive double tree line next to the main building …


The lone, twisted tree on the slag heap …

Return of the Tree

The windswept tree bent over the airstream …

At Furillen

The tree on the eastern edge of the sim, which has taken three different forms, from the initial bare tree …

A Tree at Furillen

the rather wonderful Christmas tree …

A friend

and now, the heart-shaped tree that will – soon enough – show signs of spring growth …

new year b

Then there is the tree next to the lake …


The tree facing south, next to the big rock …


There is the tree facing west, next to the railway carts…

We also had a special ‘eco’ Christmas tree, which was a gift from Soyoy …

New light for new times

And finally, a tree that few people seem to notice, in the quarry area …

quarry tree a

With the exception of the tree line, all of these trees are solitary, distinctive, barren.

They suggest that while organic life is certainly possible on this concrete wasteland, it will never grow in abundance.

Reach out

Slim pickings for passing birds.




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