As I mentioned in an earlier blog, geometry is crucial to the lay-out of Furillen as a sim. It seemed important to me not just to represent the contrast between minimalist beauty and brutal industrialism as a contrast in textures. This is fine, but too simplistic.

I wanted to build this opposition between nature and machine into the very heart of the sim. This meant having to play around with form.

The signature tree line is the best example of this principle at work.

treeline b

The trees themselves are thoroughly natural: bare, slightly green with a hint of snow on the bark. But they are arranged in a very precise and deliberate way – as firs so often are, of course.


So that’s all there is to it? Not quite.

Pan out. South of the tree line, set back, is another line.

treeline c

An echo.


This is almost exactly the same length as the line of trees, and consists of electricity poles made of of concrete – mixed with the very limestone, perhaps, that was dug out of the ground here.

treeline d

For me, this blurs the distinction between what is natural, and what is not.


This is probably the better way to think about Furillen.

It’s not simply about stark contrasts. There is something more subtle going on.

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