the pier

The pier at the real Furillen is iconic: narrowly and seemingly endless, with that old crane at the end, unused and unloved.  My virtual version bugged me from the outset, because it should look like this:


This is beyond my current building skills, so I opted for the simplest option: a single prim, laid flat in the water and textured in the same concrete mix as the land.

Then along came KT Syakumi, a very accomplished builder who I ran into a few weeks ago at the sim. She agreed to take a shot at the pier. What she has built is stunning in and of itself, but all the more so when you compare if to the original pier at the real Furillen. This is still work in progress: the platform needs to be built properly, and we haven’t yet decided exactly how this should be done. But KT was at Furillen earlier today, and what she’s planning is really exciting. So keep checking back.


pier narrow b

KT Syakumi’s other work can be seen here and here.



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